Hey all. This site has been neglected for many months now and I’m going to slowly try to revive it. For example, that picture you see to the left should not be there anymore but I don’t know how to get rid of it. I don’t think it’s a very good picture. I also can’t figure out how to get the “visual” page to work at all, which is where I’d post better pictures if I could. For now, you can find some on my Facebook.


I’ve recently moved to Minneapolis. Looking forward to new challenges. I’m looking to play as many shows as possible here. I would much appreciate any help with that…


Also, to hear both albums Nothing Like a Metaphor and Between Stinging Things you can go to my SoundCloud where they are uploaded in full. There is also one lonely youtube video of me playing the song “The City Is Ours” in my old bedroom.


Below are a few new songs I’ve been working on. Notice the lack of guitar. I’ve been regarding this as more of a darkwave synthpop project lately, or maybe even part of this whole “witch house” thing. I think it’s funny that that term was a joke. Regardless, these terms have been especially resonating with me lately. Though, I don’t really feel like there is a specific genre I’m going for. I like changing things up, confusing people. Here’s a new email address to reach me: breakawayalive@gmail.com


I’d love to hear from you.




Here’s a review from 89.3 The Current:


“…[S]olo artist Joe Kujawa’s voice demands stillness and reverence. Kujawa describes himself as a ‘freak folk’ artist and feels a kinship to artists like Zola Jesus, whom he covered during his set; he’s also a capable lyricist and songwriter in his own right. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, Kujawa filled the empty spaces of his songs with arpeggios and scales, showing off the full range of his hefty, sometimes harrowing voice. At times his delivery was operatic, bordering on theatrical, while at others he was so earnestly expressive that it was impossible to turn away..”


—89.3 The Current: Local Current Blog by Andrea Swensson — April 23, 2012


Sidenote: I’m now armed with an acoustic guitar, a laptop, Ableton Live, and an APC40.